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Our Services

Empower your online business with our comprehensive E-commerce services; we simplify operations and enhance your sales growth

eCommerce Business Management

Our suite of solutions optimizes online businesses, streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences from setup to growth strategies, ensuring seamless day-to-day operations and exceptional customer service for sustainable business growth and success.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Services

We offer a broad range of logistics and supply chain management services, efficiently moving goods from manufacturer to end-user. Our solutions optimize processes, reduce costs, and improve client service for seamless processes and improved profitability.

TikTok Shop Partner (TSP) Services

As a TikTok certified TSP, we provide merchants with complete services for TikTok e-commerce operations, such as content creation, shop and operations management, leveraging TikTok's forum to improve brand attention and drive sales.

Technology Solutions

Our cloud-based 3PL Warehouse Management platform serves as the backbone of a dynamic fulfillment ecosystem, tailored for brands and warehouses. With ready-to-use integrations, it seamlessly links to multiple stores, providing complete supply chain solutions for efficient operations and scalability.

Custom Solutions

In addition to our core services, we provide tailored solutions such as product kitting, packaging, labeling, and managing returns, ensuring efficient operations and exceptional service throughout the product lifecycle.


How do you assess

3PL companies?

When comparing different types of 3PL service providers, you should examine several essential factors, including customer service, warehousing, specialty, management tools, and prices.

Customer Service

Prioritize customer service with clear communication channels and support levels. EMEG ensures first-class assistance when needed.


Choose between automated and manual warehouses based on volume and customization needs. Benefit from global multi-warehousing for efficient supply chain management.


EMEG specializes in eCommerce logistics and warehousing, offering comprehensive outsourced services tailored to your industry needs.

Management Tools

Integrate management systems seamlessly with eCommerce platforms for real-time order processing and inventory updates. Customize shipment types and rules for flexibility.


EMEG’s transparent pricing model eliminates hidden fees. Pay-as-you-go by order volume with free integrations for common eCommerce platforms.